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Advanced Tech Dev Team 2 June 2022

The forefront of innovative design technology

Sanjo Fabtech Sterling brings international patents and a global reach to the South African Building marketWe are able to deliver quality construction at an affordable cost. Pre-fabricated fiber cement formwork suitable for all types of construction ranging from small, socialized housing to commercial structures.

The unique permanent concrete form replaces expensive steel, aluminum and plywood formworks.  With a full range of load bearing and infill wall systems, supported by re-enforcing bars and/or an increase in the grade of concrete, additional load capacities can be achieved.

PlaswallTM & Brickless Building

Fabtech PlaswallTM is a range of custom manufactured modular walls, which can be made at a movable site and will  It is fast, easy, hygienic and economical. It is a pre-engineered and pre-fabricated modular load bearing construction system.

This patented technology can meet every need from lightweight concrete systems to thermally insulated walls essential in hot and cold climates. Using HIMI (High Impact Molded Inserts) bonded between two layers of CCB in situ and erected to produce a straight wall finish.

The benefits that come with
using our Advanced Technology
  • Pre-engineered walls manufactured off site
  • Suit any design or architectural requirement
  • Fast, hygenic and economical
  • Modular load bearing construction system
  • Thermal insulation for hot and cold climates
  • Cost effective
  • Pre-defined Bill of Quantities
  • Fast and clean method of building
  • Minimal waste on prefabricated orders
  • Additional materials such as concrete are to exact measurements
  • Predictable construction times
  • Precise forecasting of budgets
  • Ease of use – can be learned by conventional builders
  • Utilises standard tools and equipment used by conventional builders
  • Guaranteed high quality finishes
  • Durable finishes minimize reworks and repairs
  • Higher earthquake and cyclone resistance than current conventional structures
  • Suitable for reclaimed and backfilled locations
  • High quality without high costs
  • Shorter construction time reduces project management and financing costs
  • Standardised quality of building regardless of number of contractors on site
  • Durable and strong quality homes to last generations
  • Higher appraisal values realised by lending institutions
  • Maintenance free
  • Pride of ownership of asset restores human dignity
  • Wealth creation for the individual
  • Extensions and renovations are easily achieved
  • High-end finishes without the high-end price tag
  • Affordable solutions to meet every budget
  • Predictive delivery times – on time!
Basic Housing.
Bringing international patents and a global reach to the South African Building market.

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  • Speed, economy, strength and simple to use
  • Increase in site production
  • Range of custom manufactured modular walls
  • Lightweight concrete system
  • Eco-friendly & thermally insulated walls