Kopanong Dev Team 3 August 2022

Sanjo Kopanong Project

Sanjo Fabtech Sterling is an industry leader in Advanced building technologies. One of our core beliefs is to bring dignity back to all South Africans. Our approach to this has been to adopt the latest technology advances and offer cost-effective solutions to the construction industry.

Our recent collaboration has enabled us to offer the same advanced technology to create state-of-the-art hospital and pharmaceutical facilities.

Using our advanced building methods that have been approved by Agre’ment SA and the necessary accreditation bodies, the Sanjo Fabtech Sterling building system was able to deliver over 36000m2 of walling in just 45 days for the Kopanong Hospital extensions which comprised of 6 ICU wards and 4 High Care facilities.

Our bespoke building technology is solid, simple, quicker and cleaner to erect, significantly cutting down on building times. It also offers excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, fire-resistance and environmental credentials.

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